University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Extractive Media (Graduate Seminar, Spring 2024)
  • Media and Modernity (Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2024)
  • Ecology and Visual Culture (Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar, Fall 2023)
  • Introduction to German Cinema (Undergraduate Lecture, Fall 2023)

The University of Chicago

  • Art, Science, and Modern Media (Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2022)
  • Film and the Moving Image (Undergraduate Lecture, Spring 2022)
  • Picturing the Earth: Art and Environment in the Modern Era (Graduate Curatorial Seminar, Fall 2021)
  • Modern Art from the Enlightenment to Today (Undergraduate Lecture, Fall 2021)
  • Art History Senior Seminar (Honours Thesis Seminar, Fall 2019)
  • Introduction to Film Analysis (Undergraduate Lecture, Winter 2018)